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Parents are encouraged to register with School Loop at SS Davis Secondary Summer School. Here are some "frequently asked questions" that may help you understand how School Loop works.

Where do I register?

Click on the "Register Now" link next to the login link on the school's main page, or you may click here to go directly to the form.


I registered with School Loop last year when my child was in junior high/Davis High. Do I need to register at SS Davis Secondary Summer School?

Yes. Each school has its own list of users, as each school's web site is separate. You may use the same login ID and password for each School Loop account (just as you might have "" and ""), but the accounts are separate.


How do I get my account approved?

In order for parents to see personal information for their students (e.g. assignments and grades), the parent account must be approved. School staff who are authorized to approve parent accounts must verify the parent email address used in School Loop matches the email address listed in the student emergency contact information. If the addresses do not match, the School Loop registrant will receive a message from Davis Summer School administration noting the discrepancy, with options to correct the discrepancy. Parents may either edit their School Loop email address to match the emergency contact information, or they may come to the school to update the emergency contact information to the new email address.


What email address should I use when registering with School Loop?

Davis Summer School approves parent accounts based on the email address (see above How do I get my account approved?). Once the account is approved, however, parents may edit the email address to whatever email account is most convenient to use.


How long does it take to get a parent account approved?

The approval process is manual, not automated. During the first few weeks of school, parent accounts are reviewed daily, but the frequency of review may be reduced as the volume of new registrants drops.